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Today’s Tarot Message: The Hierophant

Need quick (yet deep) insight into a particular Tarot card? Today’s Tarot Messages will give you a sense of the flavor and meaning of the card, plus a message that you can carry with you for your day. This is just a brief snapshot of the card, but it will give you valuable info and prompts for further study and contemplation. Something to add? Feel free to comment below!



Major Arcana: Number Five (V)

Correspondences: Taurus, Earth

Keywords: Religious authority, The Pope, education, teacher, mentor, traditional values and conventional wisdom, conformity, your place in society

Today’s Tarot Message: The Hierophant represents tradition, conventional values and established rules. When he appears, you may be feeling both the support and strain of living or working in this kind of structured environment. Tradition and time honoured practices have their benefits, but it will also serve you well to listen to and trust your own instincts when you feel a pull to do so. Find balance and freedom with the structure. As an aside, you may find yourself increasingly taking on the role of mentor or teacher in the coming months.

Symbols in the card:

Crown: The Papal crown (both spiritual and secular authority), power

Staff: The Papal staff (three crosses representing the Holy Trinity, earth, heaven and spirit world)

Roses and Lilies: love/passion and purity

Robe: ceremonial role, removed from the mundane

Hand Position: offering a blessing

Crossed Keys: keys to the kingdom of heaven, unity

Questions to ask yourself:

What role does tradition and convention play in my life?

Do I still agree with my family’s established traditions? How does this effect me?

What knowledge and wisdom can I share with others?

What do I need to learn?

How do you feel about the authoritative, conventional, patriarchal figure of the Hierophant? Does he resonate or repel? Is there room for him in your life? Please comment below.

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