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A Tarot Spread for the Full Moon

Full MoonI haven’t been sleeping well at all for the past week. Longer, actually. Last week, I was sleeping but having extremely vivid, cinematic dreams. Dreams that were somewhat unsettling, and that I remembered in great detail. I have a couple recurring dreams…it sounds funny, but I often have a dream that I am in the Caribbean or somewhere tropical on holiday, but I can never find the beach or make it into the ocean and suddenly its time to leave. Believe me, while I am experiencing this scenario, it is deeply upsetting and I wake up out of sorts. Much later I can laugh about it.

But this week, I just haven’t been sleeping much. I wake up at the slightest noise, like I am waiting for someone or something. Part of me is anxious to get a look at the moon, which doesn’t rise high enough for me to see until the wee hours, so I wake up throughout the night until I get that magnificent view, and then I can relax.

All of this has been leading up to tonight’s Full Moon. The Harvest Moon, and lunar eclipse, Full Moon in Pisces. A powerful combination, emotionally charged, taking us on a labyrinthine journey down deep within ourselves. There is an opportunity here to plumb the depths of our souls, and then to let what needs to rise up to the surface and be released.

There are many rituals connected with honoring and making the most of the energy of the Full Moon, centered on the idea of releasing what is no longer serving us well. The intense light of the Full Moon can bring illumination, highlighting what has come full circle and can be let go of, and giving us insight into what may be holding us back.

I turn to my Tarot cards to ask for insight and wisdom from wise Mother Moon.

I’m a fan of three card spreads, especially when I’m reading for myself. I find they give a clear, no nonsense kind of answer, and can be a jumping off point for a more in depth or detailed exploration. You may want to try this spread using only the Major Arcana, this will give you an even more powerful and universal message, rather than getting into the day to day mundane stuff.

Tarot Spread for the Full Moon

  1. Illumination: what do you need to see? What has been hidden in your life, or what are you hiding from yourself? This doesn’t have to be something sinister or frightening, it could be that there is something wonderful about yourself that you haven’t been ready to believe, or a lesson or a shift that you have experienced that is coming into a place of recognition and understanding.
  2. Release: What is no longer serving you well? What can you get rid of? Is there a belief or an attitude that is holding you back? Is it time to clean house, figuratively or literally?
  3. Transformation: Are the intentions that you set at the New Moon coming to fruition? As that Full Moon comes to its peak, is there something in you that has come full circle and is ready to emerge and shine?

Take advantage of this spectacular celestial event this evening to spend some quality time with your cards, and to be open to the message that the Full Moon has for you. The powerful pull of that Moon may help you to draw out of yourself whatever needs to be released, and to illuminate the most beneficial path going forward.

As an aside, the Full Moon is a great time to charge your cards…after you have done your reading, place them in the light of the Moon and give them a chance to release and replenish as well.

Looking for some guidance on your path to illumination? Let’s explore the cards together…


5 Responses to A Tarot Spread for the Full Moon

  1. Lynda fox December 14, 2016 at 3:22 am #

    I did this reading as today, it’s my birthday as well as the full moon.

    My cards were:
    1. Ace of Cups
    2. Wheel of Fortune
    3. Queen of Cups (which was also your card drawn for today!)

    This has been an inspiring reading for me. Thank you, Lori!

    • innergoddesstarot December 14, 2016 at 1:57 pm #

      Thank you for sharing that, Lynda! Beautiful reading, and I wish you Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

  2. Carole September 25, 2018 at 3:24 pm #

    I just did the tarot spread for the full moon using the major arcana cards.
    The Devil
    The Fool
    The Magiacian (reversed)

    Quite interesting.
    I can relate to this with my love life. I’m thinking of moving in with my partner in the spring.
    The Devil: I cannot hide my love for my partner
    The Fool: cannot fear life, or fear of being loved.
    The Magician (reversed) If i do not let go of past experiences(trauma) depression will occur as well as panic.
    Is this a fair analogy of the reading? I’ve just recently started reading about tarot cards.
    Thank you

  3. Keyana January 17, 2022 at 10:41 pm #

    Just did a tarot spread for the full moon in Cancer today using major arcana cards.
    My results were
    The Fool
    The High Priestess

    I am honestly not quite sure of what it may mean but I think that after searching for the meanings I may be able to guess from my intuition. I would be completely grateful if any help could be provided.
    Thank you so much for posting this!!! It is really helpful.

    • innergoddesstarot January 18, 2022 at 12:13 pm #

      Thank you for sharing this, those are powerful cards!
      What are you ready to see: There is a new beginning for you, and you’re ready to take that leap.
      What you can let go of: Something significant is ready to end, so that you can go into that new beginning. It is inevitable, and difficult, but ultimately it will set you free.
      What is ready to emerge: Your personal power. Your intuition. Your inner knowing and spiritual growth. Knowing yourself well. Feeling balanced, confident and tuned in.

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