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Tarot Tuesday – What’s in the Cards for the Week of July 11, 2017

Looking for some mystical yet practical guidance to help you hit the ground running each week?  I’m here with my Tarot cards to give you the insight and illumination that you need to make the most of the energy of the week.

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Take a moment, take a breath, and look at the image below. Choose the card that is most calling to you, 1, 2 or 3… this is your personal message from the universe to inspire and empower you in the days ahead.

Your message revealed:

Three divine feminine figures in a row…all facing the same way, all in alignment as to their purpose and intention. What gift do you already hold in YOUR divine hands? What are you ready to receive?

Card #1: The Star

A gentle healing energy, the calm after the storm. If you have been going through a difficult time, let the light of the Star rekindle a feeling of hope, faith and optimism. Open your heart and share your gifts generously. Be the star of your own life story, let your own true light shine. Release your fears and doubts, you are on the right track.

Card #2: Queen of Cups

An emotional week…be aware of your moods and flow with them. Don’t be afraid to dive deep. Listen to your intuition and act from the heart. There is someone around you who could use a kind word and a shoulder to cry on, they may come to you for comfort and support rather than answers or solutions. You can honor and experience your feelings today without drowning in them or getting lost in the feelings of others.

Card #3: Queen of Pentacles

This Queen is welcoming, nurturing, grounded. She asks you, what are you nurturing in your life now? Are you creating a life of prosperity, comfort and abundance for yourself? Are you keeping a balance between what you give to others, and what you keep for yourself? It is enriching and important to support and nurture the ones you love, but treat yourself with the same care and compassion.

Tarot Tuesday cards revealed

I wish you a week of gifts, both given and received.

Images from the Centennial Smith Waite Tarot.

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