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A Tarot Spread for the Spring Equinox

Spring flowersMarch 20th marks the beginning of Spring here in the northern hemisphere, and even though I still wore my winter parka today, my heart is starting to believe that gentler weather and green life will soon appear.

I’m not a winter person, and by March I am sick of the sight of dirty snow, brown scrubby plants, feeling cold and hunched and restricted. So when Ostara and the Equinox arrive, I’m ready to burst free, to let everything that hid and percolated within me during the winter months reveal itself,  and then grow and thrive.

I think of Persephone, winding her way up through the darkness, emerging into the world of light and life, and I welcome her back to us. I ask my soul to take that same journey.

I feel the Spring Equinox as a pause, an inward held breath, a time when I have the opportunity to bring myself into perfect balance, before the scales tip and the fullness of Spring arrives. It is a time when we become acutely aware of the light and the dark within ourselves, the joyful and the heart-wrenching events in our lives, when it is clear that both sides of the coin are necessary and should be honored.

Of course, this is a great time to consult the Tarot, to take that pause, to ask the cards to tap into the energy of this potent day, and to see what the universe has to say to you.

I created this Spring Equinox Tarot spread to get a clearer picture of where I may be out of balance in my own life, how to come into greater alignment, and what may emerge as a result. I hope it speaks strongly to you as well.

Here’s a super quick look at the spread I pulled for myself:

Spring equinox tarot spread example

Card 1 & 2: Where am I out of balance in my life – Five of Cups and Four of Cups

The answer is clear here, the imbalance is in my heart. I am going between grieving, and withdrawing into myself. Perhaps I’m not giving my heart the opportunity to heal. I am not sharing my emotions, and I am being resistant to the help being offered by others. Too much of my energy is being spent on sadness, rather than opening to fond memories and joy.

Cards 3 & 4: How can I bring these forces into balance – The World and The Hanged Man

Take a look at the figures on the cards, they are mirror images of each other, fascinating, and what a beautiful depiction of balance! My balance will come from being present in the world, and also withdrawing into contemplation when I need to. I need to recognize where I have freedom, and where I have limitations. Finally, it would serve me well to see that I am at the end of cycle in my life, to surrender to my current situation, and let things unfold as they will.

Cards 5 & 6: What will emerge, thrive and grow when I find my balance – Knight of Pentacles and The Star

Again, two cards that compliment each other so well. Up in the heavens and down to earth. The Knight of Pentacles carries and nurtures the Star. I have the opportunity to shine just as I am, to feel more like myself again, and to embark on manifesting an idea that has been percolating throughout the winter. I can inspire myself, and be a guide to myself, and perhaps inspire and guide others as well.

What can come into balance in your life? What is just about to emerge?

That Star card is looming large for me, and I think she has a message for you as well. Shine. Your own beautiful self, that is what is ready to emerge.

Happy Spring! I wish you warm breezes and blooming flowers, inspired ideas and the means to manifest them.


2 Responses to A Tarot Spread for the Spring Equinox

  1. Carlotta March 20, 2021 at 6:57 pm #

    Your reading could have been my own. They describe exactly where I am in life right now. I’m going to do my own reading to look for more information. Thank you!

    • innergoddesstarot March 20, 2021 at 8:26 pm #

      Thank you, Carlotta! I’m happy to hear that, it sure resonates with me as well. xo

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