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Five Ways to Enhance Your Tarot Practice with Crystals

I bet you have a big collection of crystals, right? They are irresistible. I can’t leave a metaphysical shop without adding another gem to my collection, and it is a good day when I discover a stone that I’ve never come across before.

Crystals are one of my new hobbies

Crystals are not just shiny, decorative objects. They are beautiful, but they also serve a variety of functions. They are powerful tools of clearing, connection and intention.

I am always wearing at least one crystal, usually more, all chosen with particular purposes in mind. I place crystals on my altar depending on who I am honoring or what I want to manifest. I do the same when I read Tarot, I choose crystals that will enhance and power up my readings in specific ways.

Here are five ways to enhance your Tarot practice with crystals:

1. Clearing your space and your cards.

Clear quartz and selenite are great at keeping energy clear and flowing. Before I read, I meditate, holding a clear quartz crystal in each hand. I keep a big wand of selenite on the table with me when I’m reading the cards, and I often keep a piece of clear quartz in the bag with my cards. You can use them in this passive way, to clear out stale or unwanted energies in the space where you are reading, and you can also place them on top of your cards to clear out any emotional energy that may be lingering from previous readings. I wear a clear quartz bracelet or a chunk of herkimer diamond to keep me sharp and clear when I’m reading.

2. Grounding and centering yourself and your client.

To compliment that clear quartz or selenite, I also wear black tourmaline or keep a chunk of it nearby. This helps to keep me grounded, my client grounded, and to deflect any negative energy that may come my way. If a client is nervous or feeling scattered, I invite them to hold the crystal in their hand, to take a few deep breaths, and this really helps to keep them in a place of calm and comfort. Aside from the grounding effect, crystals are particularly good at enhancing intuition and spiritual connection. For this purpose I would again choose clear quartz or herkimer diamond, labradorite, or moonstone.

3. Energetic healing

If I have a specific kind of healing that I would like to invite in, for myself or my client, I may choose to add a crystal into the mix. If someone has a broken heart, or needs to work on some self love, I may use a rose quartz or amazonite. If someone wants to attract prosperity and abundance, perhaps citrine, moss agate or pyrite. Laying the crystals out with the cards will bring a focus to the reading, and their energy will facilitate the healing discoveries in the cards.

4. Intention setting.

A Tarot reading can help you to get really clear on what you want and how to achieve it. This clarity of intention can be locked into a crystal, that you or your client would then wear or carry. Read more about this here.

5. Recording the energy of your reading.

Similar to the above point, you can hold a crystal in your hand throughout the reading, while asking it or programming it to record the energy and information gained from a Tarot reading. Then, when you are wearing or carrying that crystal, you are carrying all that you learned, and you can call on that wisdom, inspiration and intention whenever you need it.

Of course, these are just a few ways to work with crystals and Tarot, there are many more. I encourage you to give them a try, see what works best for you, and discover your own personal practice.

Dive into the magical world of crystals, and get ready to keep adding to your collection!

How do you incorporate crystals into your Tarot practice? Which crystals most resonate with you?

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