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Your 2020 Tarot Year card and What that Means for You

Here we are, about to go into a new year. A new decade. The “roaring 20s” a friend of mine called it. Another year has flown by, and again we find ourselves at the cusp of change, filled with all of those New Year feelings.

At this time of year, we reflect on the year that is about to come to completion. We think about the things that we feel good about, and we ruminate on the things we regret. This can be a wistful time, more than ever we are aware of the passage of time, and all that entails.

We start to look to the year ahead, to make resolutions, to think about what we want to achieve.

This can be overwhelming, and honestly most of us don’t approach the new year with unbounded confidence and optimism. It is easy to slip into anxiety, feelings of helplessness or to feel unclear about what it is we want to achieve in the first place.

My goal here is to show you that we can all go into 2020 feeling excited, happy, full of confidence and with the expectation that we are going to make our dreams come true.

Those are some lofty words, I know.

How am I going to do that?

By introducing you to the universal Tarot card for 2020, and then showing you how to figure out what YOUR Tarot year card is.

Stay with me.

Universally speaking, the Tarot card that represents 2020 is The Emperor. (2+0+2+0= 4).

Emperor Tarot card

What kind of a year do you think this might be? What comes to mind when you hear that word?

I have to admit, I have some trouble with this card. I look at that stern, bearded face and all I see is patriarchy. So, 2020 may indeed be a year when we have to look the patriarchy right in the face, so to speak, and deal with the impact that it has on the world.

However, when I put my biases aside, and take a neutral look at the card,  I feel that there is something really good going on here. The Emperor brings in much needed stability, order, and dare I say it, responsible leadership, into the world. Everyone follows the rules, plays their role in society, and we all reap the benefits.

In 2020, honourable leaders will rise to prominence. People will feel the need to take responsibility for their actions, to contribute to the greater good and the prosperity of the entire planet. I can see measures being put in place, and enforced, when it comes to dealing with climate change and human rights issues.

To play devil’s advocate, the Emperor can represent leadership that is too strong, so we will all need to be mindful of who we entrust power to in our lives, whether that is on the political or personal stage.

2019 was a Hanged Man year. Much knowledge was gained, many things that were previously hidden came to light, we were able to see world events from new perspectives, and yet in many ways we were at a standstill. We were powerless to take action or initiate change. The shift into the Emperor changes that, we are going into a time of decisive action. This year, we can lay the foundation for future prosperity, for ourselves and for the world as a whole, if we act ethically, honourably, and determination to see things through.

Considering the direction that politics and world events have gone over the course of 2019, The Emperor gives me hope.

Now…What is YOUR personal Tarot Year Card? And what does that mean?

Calculate your Year Tarot Card (a la Mary K. Greer)

I use the wonderful Mary K. Greer’s method to calculate my Year Card (which can be found in her books, Tarot for Yourself and Who Are You in the Tarot). You add the month and day of your birth to the current year, and the resulting number corresponds with a Major Arcana card. Always keep the highest number under 23 (in this case The Fool corresponds with 22.).

Major Arcana list

For example, my birthday, June 5, plus the new year, 2020:
Your 2020 year card

So why calculate your Year Card? In my experience, your Year Card can give you some quite profound insight into the energies that will be surrounding you for the coming 12 months, which can help you to get the most out of the of the lessons and experiences that are waiting for you. Before or after the chaos of the holidays, take a quiet moment to calculate your Year Card, and ask yourself what guidance it is giving you, what you need to learn, and how you can grow in 2020.

I prefer to calculate my Year Card starting from January 1, rather than on my birthday. I like the universal ceremony of the start of a new year, and the idea of a whole calendar year ahead. The annual changing nature of your Year Card really differentiates it from your unchanging astrological, Chinese zodiac and Mayan zodiac signs, which makes it an interesting combination of internal and external forces at play in your life for this fixed period of time.

That being said, if your birthday is late in the year, you may feel the energy shift intensify as you approach it.

Once you determine your year card, get to know it, let it become a close friend and advisor. Meditate on the image. Imagine a conversation you would have with the figure on the card. Journal about the strengths that you see in the cards, the challenges, what you like about it and what you don’t. Look it up in your favorite Tarot reference books and see what other people have to say about it. Do a Tarot spread asking for insight into the card and the lessons it offers (click here for mine). Call upon the image when you need strength, inspiration and guidance, see it as your own guardian angel for the year. Know that you have a powerful ally and resource available to you.

So, I am heading into a Lovers year. What might that mean?


First of all, it makes me smile. 2018 was a Death year for me, and 2019 was The Hierophant. Yes, these have been transformative years, but not so light and easy.

I welcome the shift into a place where LOVE is the focal point.

In my Lovers year, I know that relationships with loved ones will be at the forefront of my mind and heart. I have some big decisions to make this year, significant changes that I plan to implement in my business, and I will be very mindful of how my choices will impact the ones I love. I’ll keep the lines of communication open, and speak from my heart.

I’ll be mindful of when I am projecting my own insecurities or foibles on others, and try to see myself clearly, not just in relation to others in my life.

Also, this year, I’ll put some energy towards loving myself, all of myself, all my intense, neurotic,  and over the top emotional ways. I’ll seek greater harmony within my own heart.

I believe that one of the biggest challenges and lessons in the year ahead will be making decisions from a place of love, rather than a place of fear.

Combined with the Emperor, I see the opportunity to strengthen the foundations that my relationships are built on. I can put energy into building my personal empire, but doing it in way that is aligned with who I am and what I believe. I can learn to embrace some structure in my life, and I can love the responsibilities that are on my shoulders

What’s your 2020 Year Card? How does it resonate with that Lovers card? Do you see possible conflict, or do they get along swimmingly?

Want to get to know your year card a little better? Click here for a Tarot spread to explore just that.

5 Responses to Your 2020 Tarot Year card and What that Means for You

  1. Rula December 28, 2020 at 10:42 pm #

    As we approach 2021…this card was a doozy.

    • innergoddesstarot December 28, 2020 at 11:06 pm #

      Well, 2020 was sure a doozy! What card did you pull for 2021?

  2. T January 10, 2021 at 5:29 am #

    According to this formula, everyone will simply move one major Arcana card forward each year.

    E.g., 6+19+2020 = 2045 (11)
    6+19+2021 = 2046 (12)
    and so on.

    We are just moving through the majors systematically. Seems insignificant to me.

    • innergoddesstarot January 10, 2021 at 4:47 pm #

      It’s not quite that simple, there are jumps to a new cycle usually every ten years. And I have to laugh, moving through the Majors “seems insignificant”? The Majors are the epic journey of life, seems significant to me! Isn’t that why we love the cards?

  3. akshata June 17, 2021 at 9:04 am #

    Hi! What does it mean to move into a new cycle? I have the World as my year card this year. I’ll be moving abroad next year which coincides with The fool. Does the reborn Fool differ? (I will move into my second cycle)

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