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Create Your Life Story with Tarot

I am an introvert, a sensitive person, and an overall overthinker.

I imagine some of you are as well, many Tarot people are introverts and empaths with rich inner lives.

Sometimes my imagination runs away with me and I lose perspective. I often have vivid dreams. This can be wonderful and inspiring, or it can take me down a rabbit hole of what ifs and worst case scenarios.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Tarot.

When my thoughts get away from me, or when I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the human experience, I pick up my cards.

When I lay out the cards, I see the story of my life laid out before me.

I can see myself, at my best and at my worst, as the hero and the villain, the wise one and the fool.

I don’t think that the cards tell us the story of our lives in the sense that all of that is already set in stone. Instead, the cards reveal the story that you are already telling yourself, the details of the story that you are living, and you must decide what you want to do with that.

You can get a sense of where you are heading by looking at the cards in your reading. If you like what you see, great, keep doing what you’re doing.

If you aren’t so thrilled with what you see, it is time to make some changes.

Next time you have a reading or read for yourself, ask the cards to show you the story you are currently living, and who you are in your own life story.

Ask the cards where you need to shift your focus, which patterns you need to end or rewrite, what you need to do to live a really epic and beautiful life story.

And then go out, and make it happen.


Pull one card asking the question: Who am I in my own life story right now?

Have a look at that card. How did you feel when you turned it over?

If you love it, and it feels just right, let that image inspire you, and turn to it when you need a boost or a reminder that you’re on the right track.

If you aren’t so happy with that card, ask yourself why.

Then, pull another card asking the question: Who can I become?

Have a look at that card. How did you feel when you turned it over?

If you love this card, and you want to BE this card, pull another card asking: What is the first step to living this story?

If you don’t like this card, again, ask yourself what might be going on here. Pull another card for some insights. Does that second card show you how you are limiting yourself? What you aren’t seeing? What you need to do to widen your perspective of who you are and what you can be or achieve? Live with those cards for a while, muse on them, and then go back and repeat the exercise when you are ready.

Here’s a quick example.

I asked the cards, “Who am I in my own life story right now?”. The Hanged Man appeared. There are many things I like about this card. I like the meditative feeling, the space to observe, gather insights and gain illumination. But, I don’t want to be the Hanged Man right now. I want to achieve some definite goals. I want to manifest my dreams in the here and now. I don’t want to get lost in my thoughts and daydreams all the time.

So, I pulled another card, asking, “Who can I become?”. The Magician appeared. Now we’re talking. I can manifest my dreams, I can take action rather than waiting for things to come to me. This card scares me a little, but also invites me to push beyond my fears and comforts.

Finally, I asked, “What is the first step to living this story?”. The High Priestess appeared. Perfection. I can strike a balance, I can be the Hanged Man and the Magician. I can immerse myself in my inner world and find information I can use in the outer world. And on a practical, action based note, I will keep reading the cards and listening to my intuition.

Who are YOU in your life story right now?

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