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Tarot Readings in the Time of the Pandemic

Reading Tarot during the pandemic has been an extraordinary experience.

(Ok, honestly, all Tarot readings are pretty amazing, but the energy is off the charts right now.)

Human beings are astonishing. Resilient, courageous and kind.

Even during this time that we have very little frame of reference for, people still care about the same things. In fact, we care even more deeply about those important things.

People are still getting on with life. They want to know where their career is going, how they can find love, and they grapple with practical concerns of money and home and family.

People don’t want to spend their time working at a job they hate or leaves them cold, they don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy loving relationships with partners and family, they don’t want to waste energy on distractions or illusions or small stuff.

So, they turn to the cards for hope, guidance, and useful information.

When I deliver a Tarot reading, part of my job is to inspire.

I hold sacred space for my clients, and witness their experiences rather than trying to fix their problems. I tell them honestly what I see in the cards, always doing my best to deliver the messages in a way that they can absorb on both the intellectual and intuitive levels.

And, I feel it is my responsibility to help people to see possibilities, to navigate challenges, and to widen their perspective of what they believe they are capable of.

I want clients to leave their session with me feeling inspired and reminded of the magic of this life. I’m not talking fairy tales and platitudes, I’m talking about the beauty of honesty, clarity, and understanding our limitations and gifts.

These days, when people come to me with those kind of human questions that I mentioned earlier on their minds, they sometimes feel sheepish about it. They preface those questions with something along the lines of how lucky they are, how other people have bigger problems to worry about, how they really should be happy and grateful for what they have.

But when I hear those questions of love, and career, and daily life, my heart soars. Life is going to be different after this pandemic experience, but it will continue. Right now, we can still look to the future with hope, we can make plans and set goals with the expectation that we have the resources to achieve them.

So, if you are reading the cards for yourself, or getting your cards read by someone else, keep on asking those questions. Leave some space for those universal questions of purpose and what’s it all about anyways, but honor the importance of the basics, of love, meaningful work, and the joys of daily life. When it comes down to it, they are one and the same.

And that is truly inspiring.


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