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Get the Message: Those Tarot Cards that keep showing up

Do you ever have certain Tarot cards that keep coming up for you, over and over, during a certain period of time, or when you’re going through a particular situation?

These cards appear in your readings, and you also see them in the world around you. Their symbols show up in mundane places, you sense their energy in the words that people say to you, the books you happen to pick up to read, the music you hear. When this happens, the universe is trying to get your attention, and those cards have a message that you need to hear.

For the past few weeks, The High Priestess and The Tower have been appearing for me. What a combination, right?

I hear the message that they have for me, and thanks to their kind insistence and persistence I now understand it and know it deeply. And, I’m ready to take action on it.

Here is the message that they have for me.

The High Priestess is my Soul Card. She is me, when I’m at my best, when I am being true to myself and my nature. She sees things clearly. She sees beyond the obvious or illusory, she sees without ego getting in the way. She is balanced power, illumination in the dark. Her intuition is strong, and it never steers her wrong.

The Tower is how I have been relating to the world. I have been perceiving it as unstable, I have been reacting to each news story with fear, I’ve been metaphorically throwing my hands up and allowing my thoughts to run around like Chicken Little. I’m anxious, but admittedly I’ve allowed myself to sink into some melodrama as well.

These cards invite me to see through the eyes of the High Priestess, and to connect with and remember who I really am. They also ask me to ride the whirlwind, to invite change, and to liberate myself from running on adrenaline and anticipating disaster. I love these cards. They have helped me to get my sense of power, and sense of humor, back, and that’s a big deal.

When those repeating and persistent cards start making their appearance:

  • Pay attention to the cards that come up for you in your daily draws or the readings you do for yourself (or that others do for you). Note them down, so that you can be sure that a particular card is coming up again and again, and it’s not just in your imagination.
  • Ask them why they are appearing. Have a conversation with the figure on the card, do a meditation that allows you to go into the card and experience its energy.
  • Ask for a dream to be sent to you that will give you insight into your card(s) and the message
  • Do a Tarot reading asking why that card keeps coming up and what its message is for you.
  • Watch for signs and symbols around you, not just in the cards. The Tarot may be your primary tool, but the universe is adept at delivering those messages in a multitude of ways, if we’re open to it.

Is there a card or cards that have been trying to get your attention recently? What is the message they have for you?

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