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Time to Blossom: A Tarot Spread for the Month of May

May is a hopeful month, bursting with new life, green leaves, and miraculous blossoms that seem to appear from nowhere.

At this time of year, you feel the promise of life, of growth, of your own ability to reinvent yourself and to stretch towards new possibilities and desires. It’s a wonderful time to plant the seeds of your intentions, trusting that they will blossom and flourish.

In the month of May, we DARE TO DREAM that Spring is really here, life prevails, and love and beauty reign supreme.

I like to do a special Tarot spread at the start of each month (here’s my GO-TO spread), but this month I felt inspired to create one specifically tailored to and in honor of the month of May. This year we need extra hope, beauty, flowers, leaves, life…and we can find that in the cards.

Here’s the spread, and an explanation of the position, and a brief example reading, follows.

Starlight Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer

  1. Main theme for the month ahead. This card represents something that it would be beneficial for you to see or be aware of. It may be something welcome and desired, or it might represent a challenge that you need to prepare for and navigate. Look for the helpful information in this card, let it inspire or inform you.
    • My example: Three of Cups. Doesn’t this look like a May Day Beltane celebration? How wonderful! So the month ahead has many opportunities for celebration and connection with dear friends and loved ones. I also get a feeling of gratitude, that the month of May will inspire deep feelings of love and gratitude for the people I love, for the beauty of this earth, and the joyful fruition of Spring.
  2. What is about to blossom for me? This card represents something that is going to manifest for you. It could be a practical and pragmatic situation, a project or goal that you have been working on, or it could be more in the area of mindset or inner work. Try to find something concrete that makes sense in your life right now. Ask yourself if this card needs any help from you to fully blossom, or if you can just let it unfold. This position in the spread is meant to be a positive force, a desired blossoming, so if the card appears negative to you, try to expand your perspective and ask how this can be a good thing for you.
    • My example: Queen of Cups. I adore this Queen. She says to me that I will find my groove this month, my emotions will support rather than rule me, and my intuition will flow. I also see myself as a diviner in this card, thriving in my business and letting the book I am writing flow naturally out of my heart. I can just be my watery emotional self this month.
  3. What needs nurturing in my life? Again, this may be an external, practical matter (your finances, your relationship, your job) or it may be more personal (your spirit, your creativity, your boundaries, your self-love, your resolve concerning a decision). Look to the card for what needs to be nurtured, and also how to do that.
    • My example: The Wheel of Fortune. It would serve me well to release the desire to control everything. Perhaps strict timelines just aren’t going to work this month. I need to be willing to react to situations that come up, to be flexible, and to trust in divine timing. This isn’t always easy for me, so I’m going to be playful and have fun with it, this cosmic game.
  4. What can I DARE to dream? This card is your secret hope, something that you might not dare to hope for, a wish that you keep to yourself. Now is the time to dare to dream it, and to take action towards it. It CAN come true for you if you plant the seeds this month.
    • My example: Queen of Pentacles. Another Queen appears, I love the symmetry and balance. And the Wheel spins between them…I am the Queen of Cups, but do I dream of being the Queen of Pentacles? Are they both there for me? I will keep my secret dream to myself, but these cards do make my heart sing and inspire me for the month ahead.

Give this spread a try, and let me know in the comments how it runs for you.

Wishing you a month of celebration, inspiration, overwhelming gratitude and reasons to smile.

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