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A Tarot Spread for the First Day of the Month

As you approach the end of the month, how do you usually feel?

I’d like to say that at the end of the month I have achieved all of the goals I set for myself, paid all my bills, and have created a rock solid plan for success in the new month ahead.

I’d like to say that, but I can’t. More often than not, I am amazed at how the month has flown by, and I slip into musings on the fleeting nature of time, and of life, and what are we all here to do on this planet anyways.

That kind of drama isn’t very productive.

When I find I am getting lost in that drama, of course, I turn to my Tarot cards.

Consulting the Tarot is always awesome and a highly worthwhile activity, but it is particularly useful as we start a new month.

The calendar is an arbitrary creature. Why should intentions have more power when we set them on the 1st of the month, as opposed to any other time? And yet, they usually do. Ride that collective energy, that collective optimism at a new start, grab your cards, and give these techniques a try.

First of all, use the images on the cards to set your intentions, and to act as talismans to keep you on track for the month ahead.

  • Think about what you want to achieve, actively look through the deck, and find the cards that most closely illustrate your desires and goals.
  • Speak your intentions aloud, tell that card your story, let the universe know exactly what you will achieve. Set things in motion on the energetic level.
  • Place the cards on your altar if you have one, or somewhere that you can see them everyday. Take a photo on your phone and look at it daily.
  • Be aware of how those images make you feel, and take actions that give you those same feelings of joy, achievement, relief, healing, or whatever it is that you are working towards.

Next, give this Tarot spread a try. You can do this as we approach the end of the month, or as a ritual for the first day of each new month.

By the way, I just created this spread, and I just tried it out for myself, and I blew my own mind. It WORKS.

First of the month Tarot spread

Here are some insights into the spread positions.

Cards #1 and #2 are a look back, a recap of the past month. “Keep this” refers to any lessons learned, information gathered, successes achieved. On the flip side, “release this” refers to things that you can just let go, stop worrying about or wasting energy on, something that has run its course.

Card #3 represents the main theme of the month. This gives you an idea of what to expect, what you have to work with, the atmosphere that you will be operating in.

Card #4 shows you what you need to see. This is something to be aware of, but not necessarily to focus your energy on. It may represent a pattern of behavior, beneficial or harmful, that you aren’t seeing in yourself. It may reflect another person in your life and their influence. Be open to the message here.

Card #5 invites you to focus your energy on what you see in the card. This may clearly represent one of the intentions that you have set for yourself, or it may be broader than that. If you focus your energy here, you will get the results that you desire.

Card #6 and #7 are quite straightforward. Do this, don’t do this. Look for something literal here, real action steps to take or avoid. These cards may help you make a decision that you have been wrestling with.

Cards #8, #9 and #10 give you a sense of what is possible this month, opportunities that are there for the taking. Don’t miss them, watch for them in the days ahead.

Card #11 lets you know what will feed your soul this month, what will bring you satisfaction, healing, a deep sense of self-love and inspiration. If this card doesn’t at all match your intentions, you may want to reassess your goals for this particular month.

Card #12 is a sweet and simple one, showing you what will bring you joy should you allow it in this month. What you see here may surprise you.

Agenda books, “to do” lists, Google calendars etc are all wonderful organizational tools. Use them all. But, start with the Tarot as you plan your month, and you will bring in inspiration, possibilities, magic and divine connection.

I challenge you to use this spread on the first of the month. Then, report back to me on the magic and serendipity that ensues.

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