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Tarot Tips for Introverts

I’m an introvert.

I’m also a Tarot reader, a long-time vegetarian, and a huge fan of heartwarming triumph of the underdog sports movies, but that introvert aspect of me is fundamental to who I am at my core and has strongly influenced my life choices.

Are you an introvert, too?

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I love being an introvert, but its been a journey to get to this place. Life isn’t always so easy for introverts in this noisy world. We’re misunderstood, seen as shy or standoffish, and we’re often told that we should just get over it and speak up.

I first turned to Tarot because I’m an introvert. The cards gave me sanctuary, a place where I could explore my feelings and go deeply into my thoughts without having to explain myself to anyone else.

I’ve found that many people who read Tarot, and love Tarot, are introverts. And we have our own unique ways of reading the cards, and getting a meaningful experience when we’re read for.

So, my kindreds, I offer you some ideas on how you can read Tarot, and be read for, while honoring your introvert heart.

  1. First of all, you DON’T have to read Tarot for anyone else. It can be your private practice, yours alone.
  2. If you read for others, do it in your own way. Introverts are great listeners, and ask great questions, and this is really powerful when it comes to Tarot. You don’t have to be a performer.
  3. If you want to get read by someone else, choose the right reader for you. Think about if you’d like a fellow introvert to read for you, someone who is sensitive and will take the lead without being in your face, or if you’d prefer an extrovert who will do most of the talking.
  4. If you aren’t comfortable to have an in person or live online reading, find a reader who does email or recorded readings. Then, you can read or listen whenever you like without having to interact.
  5. Whether you’re reading for yourself, or being read for, take your time. Ask questions. Muse. Reflect. Direct the reading to the pace that suits you best.

Of course, the Tarot isn’t the exclusive domain of the introvert, the cards can help anyone who approaches them with an open heart and mind.

But, they are a special gift to the sensitive introvert soul, and I am grateful that I have them to support, guide and inspire me.

I hope that they can do that for you, too. Let me know if I can help with that.

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