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Tarot Tip: Put a Stop to Unhelpful Thoughts

I spend a lot of time on my own.

I’m an introvert, so generally speaking, that suits me well.

But, I also have a tendency to ruminate and get lost in my thoughts when I’m on my own.

Sometimes those thoughts are creative, and magical, and inspiring. And sometimes, they aren’t. Sometimes those thoughts turn on me, and a not very kind voice takes over and points out all of my shortcomings and limitations and failures.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure those unkind thoughts aren’t at all accurate, certainly not to the degree that my inner critic is asserting.

Nevertheless, once I’m in that place, it’s not so easy to get out.

I know I’m not alone in this. Most of us aren’t so kind to ourselves, and we let our thoughts speak to us in a way that’s we’d never talk to a stranger, let alone to someone who is precious to us and we love.

We know it’s not productive, and it’s not true, but that logical understanding doesn’t always cut it.

So, what can you do when your thoughts aren’t serving you well?

  • mindfulness meditation
  • dance
  • go for a walk
  • cup of tea
  • call a friend
  • go and bug your cat

Tarot cards can reach a different part of your mind, and heart, when you’re in that kind of place.

And, Tarot cards can give you perspective on yourself. They’re 78 little mirrors that reflect yourself back at you, as you really are. Not as you fear, not as you wish, as you are. As a bonus, they also show you what’s possible, they open up ideas and potentials, they allow you to inspire the heck out of yourself.

Here’s how.

As you shuffle your deck, ask the cards these three questions:

  • Where am I at, right now?
  • What do I need to remember about myself?
  • What do I need to discover about myself?

And then, draw a card to answer each of those questions.

Look at your cards and allow your first intuitive response to inform you. NOT THAT INNER CRITIC, your intuition, your higher self who loves you dearly.

And then, take another look and relate those cards to your life, your experience, and to yourself.

If a card is challenging, sit with it. Guaranteed there will be a healing message there when you’re ready to receive it.

If a card is super exciting, go with it! Allow it to light you up and spur you to action.

Here’s an example from me.

  • Where am I at, right now? The Chariot
  • What do I need to remember about myself? Seven of Wands
  • What do I need to discover about myself? The Hierophant

The Chariot lets me know that I’m full steam ahead, spiralling up towards my goals. I’m the one directing my course and I can navigate any challenges that come my way. I don’t have to ask directions from anyone else, and anything that seems puzzling now will become clear if I keep moving.

The Seven of Wands reminds me of my determination. Once I set my sights on something, I never give up. I may get overwhelmed, and frustrated and have days when I feel stuck, but that’s ok, I’m so fierce nothing can keep me down for long.

The Hierophant asks me to discover my voice and to share it with others.  I’ve got something valuable to say, so say it with confidence.

Over to you, what do your cards tell you about YOU?

Comment and let me know.

Card images are from my deck, the Unifying Consciousness Tarot.


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