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Today’s Tarot Message: What you need to know today

Today’s Tarot Message – let’s ask the cards what would be most beneficial, useful and inspiring for you to know today!

Take a nice, deep breath. Ground and center yourself, quiet your mind just for a moment.

Now, take a look at the cards, and choose number 1, 2 or 3.

3 cards Apr 14

What feeling did you get from your card?

Why were you drawn to that card?

Do you already have a sense of the message that it has for you?

Scroll down to see the cards revealed, and find out their message for you today.


Here’s what today’s cards have to say to you:


3 cards Apr 14 revealed

Card #1: Four of Swords

Have you been over doing it lately? Are you tired out by all of those thoughts swirling about in your mind? Time for some rest, some quiet time on your own. Do something today that makes you feel peaceful and replenished. Try to get away from the computer screen.

Card #2: King of Swords

Use your head, not your heart, today. In order to get to the truth of the situation, it is necessary to remain somewhat detached from any drama. If you can’t remain objective, it is a good idea to bring in a third neutral party to resolve any disputes. On a practical note, if you need help with legal matters or finances/taxes, consult an expert.

Card #3: Seven of Wands

There is a feeling of demand today…people are demanding your time, many activities are demanding your attention…you will have to fight to hold your ground. Focus, prioritize and don’t succumb to pressure from others, you have the power to do this. It may be necessary to set up some boundaries or ground rules with family or coworkers today so you can get done what you need to do.

Carry your message with you today…let me know how it resonated with you, and how it factored into your day! Please comment below.


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