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Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday on Sunday (June 5).

I have always loved my birthday. Deep in the heart of Gemini, at the time when the weather starts to really cooperate with us, just at the outset of summer holidays…when I was a kid, I took a certain pride in the fact that the two most significant gift-receiving days, Christmas and my birthday, were so symmetrically placed, a perfect six months or so between them (my sister was born December 27 – problematic timing in the kid universe.).

Lori from Inner Goddess Tarot

Lori really high at Machu Picchu

In my adult years, especially for so-called milestone birthdays, I created the tradition for myself of being AWAY. I like to celebrate my birthday somewhere exotic, somewhere that reinforces all of the wonderful possibilities that are out there for me in the year ahead. A few years ago, my husband and I climbed Huayna Picchu on my actual birthday, and spent the surrounding couple of weeks travelling around Peru. I’ve celebrated my birthday in temples in Kyoto, on the beach in Cuba, in an airplane on my way to Athens…and this year it will be a new adventure, celebrating at home here in Toronto.

I consider birthdays a kind of personalized New Year’s Eve.

It’s a time when we naturally reflect on the past year, and start to dream about what we want to accomplish in the coming months. If we let it, it can be a tough time, when we feel our own mortality, and chastise ourselves for what we DIDN’T do, or for what we DID DO and probably SHOULDN’T have done. But, if we can shift ourselves out of that frame of mind, we can allow ourselves to open up to possibilities, to think big, and to create a vision of where we truly want to be and how we can get there.

The High Priestess

My Tarot Soul Cards – High Priestess & Judgement

This year, since I’ll (happily) be at home, I’m going to take my adventure trip with my cards. One of my birthday resolutions is to read Tarot for MYSELF more often. I love doing Birthday/Year ahead readings for clients, but I don’t always sit down and consult the cards for myself. That’s often the way, a yoga instructor who has no time to do yoga on their own, a hair stylist whose hair is constantly whisked back into a ponytail, a Tarot reader who has answers for everyone but themselves.

So, I challenge you: on your next birthday, take some time for yourself. TELL people its your birthday. Let them fuss over you. Tell your friends and family what you want to do to mark the occasion rather than trying to please everyone else. Celebrate with those you love, and in addition, do something special on your own, something that gives you the time, peace and space to do some inner reflection, dreaming or planning. For me, that’s usually Tarot. For you, it could be meditation, visiting an art gallery, going to a movie, walking along a lake or in a forest, swimming in the ocean, reading a book at home with your cat…the possibilities are endless.

Set your intention- put that time aside for YOURSELF, to think, to dream, to celebrate yourself.

And see what a difference this makes in how you approach the year ahead.

MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO YOU: One of my favorite email readings, the Birthday/Year Ahead reading is yours for the special price of $88 (regular $109) for the month of June. Purchase it in June, redeem it when you wish. You can wait for YOUR birthday, or start TODAY and see what the next 12 months can bring.

Happy Birthday, fellow Geminis! 🙂

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