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Happy Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon

sunmoonToday marks the Summer Solstice in our dear Northern Hemisphere.

The Summer Solstice is a magical time on many levels. Living in the north, most of us long for this day, for the official coming of summer, of warmth, ease, freedom. This is a time when the sun stands still at its highest point in the sky, and we can pause, and bask in the light of the longest day of the year.

The Solstice is a time when our wishes and desires really start to speak to us. They come out of the shadows and into the forefront of our hearts and minds, they want to be acknowledged and be allowed to shine like the Sun. As we approach the Solstice, we have the opportunity to get fired up, to explore what we are really passionate about and to set intentions and goals for the months ahead.

This year, 2016, the Solstice is even more magical and significant. It coincides with a Full Moon, the Strawberry Moon. So, the Sun will be at full power in the sky, and yet the Moon will be visible and hold court as well.

This phenomenon adds a depth and contrast to the Solstice…an opportunity for balance between the inner and outer worlds, the divine masculine and feminine, the sweet darkness and the revealing light. The presence of the Full Moon can help us to release ghosts from our unconscious minds and the Sun can point us clearly in the direction of our hopes and dreams.

If you would like to incorporate Tarot into your Solstice celebrations, try this simple two card reading. I am using a Majors only deck for myself because the nature of the questions are universal, but feel free to use the whole deck if that makes more sense to you. I am asking the cards for a message for me, but also one that will resonate with those who are reading this post.

Full Moon Solstice Reading:

Card 1 – Honoring The Moon: What is the message that I need to hear from my innermost self?

Card 2 – Honoring The Sun: What action can I take to further my path of spiritual growth?

Here’s what I received:

1 – The World

2 – The Devil


See, the Majors just don’t kid around.

My abridged version of the reading is this. The message we need to hear is The World…we need to know that we are heading towards a shift, that something in our life is coming full circle, something will gracefully wrap up or end so that we have the freedom and vision to move forward into the next cycle or Fool’s Journey of our life. This card is also telling us to open to possibility, to know that there is a limitless universe out there for us, and we have a place in that world, deeper connection with the wider world is out there for us. Be the cosmic dancer, go forward lightly and freely, don’t fear doing something because it feels too big, too real, too important.

And what action can we take…we see that imposing Devil, mocking us, holding us captive, trying to pull us into the shadows. The action that this card suggests to me is that it is necessary to free ourselves from whatever is holding us down, whether it be an attachment to the material, to the outcome/payoff of our actions, or indulging in negative thoughts or behavior patterns. Time to lift off our chains and transform into that picture of freedom and joy we see in the World.

I’m going to sit with and contemplate these cards for the rest of the day, and continue to do so going forward into the summer months… If I feel that I’m starting to get off track, to descend from the World into my personal demons, I’ll revisit the message the cards had for me.

Today, take a moment for yourself, turn your face up to the glorious Sun, and allow the warmth and light to soak into every part of your being. Let your heart expand to possibility, and open to receive joy. Happy Solstice and Blessed Full Moon!

The Solstice is a powerful and illuminating time to get a Tarot reading. Let’s explore the cards together, I have a great email reading on sale for this month only…

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