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2017: What’s Your Tarot Year Card?

Universally speaking, the Tarot card that represents 2017 is the Wheel of Fortune. What kind of a year do you think that might be? What comes to mind when you hear that phrase, “wheel of fortune”?

Take that chance, put yourself out there!

Luck, change, movement, uncertainty, opportunity…spin the wheel and hang on!

To me, there is a lucky feeling with the Wheel. There are a lot of ups and downs, some instability, but I feel an atmosphere of luck, opportunity and movement.

The Wheel of Fortune year reminds us that change is the only constant, that everything works in cycles, if we’re feeling down, the only way to go is up. The energy that we put out in the world will come back to you, plant seeds and know that they will grow.

Considering the direction that politics and world events have gone over the course of 2016, the Wheel gives me hope. I feel that the Wheel will bring a restlessness, a desire for change, for overturning and reshuffling and getting back on track.

What is YOUR Tarot Year Card? And what does that mean?

Calculate your Year Tarot Card (a la Mary K. Greer)

I use (my hero) Mary K. Greer’s method to calculate my Year Card (which can be found in her books, Tarot for Yourself and Who Are You in the Tarot). You add the month and day of your birth to the current year, and the resulting number corresponds with a Major Arcana card. Always keep the highest number under 23 (in this case The Fool corresponds with 22.).

For example, my birthday, June 5, plus the coming year, 2017:
+ 2017
2+0+2+8 = 12 (The Hanged Man)

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So why calculate your Year Card? In my experience, your Year Card can give you some quite profound insight into the energies that will be surrounding you for the coming 12 months, which can help you to get the most out of the of the lessons and experiences that are waiting for you. After the chaos of the holidays, take a quiet moment to calculate your Year Card, and ask yourself what guidance it is giving you, what you need to learn, and how you can grow in 2017.

I prefer to calculate my Year Card starting from January 1, rather than on my birthday. I like the universal ceremony of the start of a new year, and the idea of a whole calendar year ahead. The annual changing nature of your Year Card really differentiates it from your unchanging astrological, Chinese zodiac and Mayan zodiac signs, which makes it an interesting combination of internal and external forces at play in your life for this fixed period of time.

So, I am heading into a Hanged Man year – what might that mean?

The Hanged Man doesn’t have a lot of movement…all change and enlightenment comes from within. It can be a rich year of self-discovery, illumination and growth. It is a time when we often have to surrender, to withdraw, to know that things are flowing as they should and there is nothing we can do to force the issue.

My challenge is to get friendly with the Hanged Man. There is a lot that I want to do and achieve in 2017, I really feel and resonate with the forward movement and energy of that Wheel of Fortune, so how is that Hanged Man going to sit with me?

If I allow myself to sink into frustration and resentment, because I can’t control everything and push push push forward as fast as I like, it’s going to be a long and aggravating year. If I can release, let go, hang around and see where my spirit takes me, it can be a year of profound personal growth and maturation.

Exploring your Tarot year card can provide a lot of useful information about what to expect in a given year, what we need to know and learn, and how we can flow with the energy around us to our best advantage.

What’s your 2017 Year Card? In any case, I wish you a year of joy, prosperity and adventure!

Want to explore your Year Card, and how to make the most of 2017? Book a reading with me today, and hit the ground running in the New Year!

At least I can enjoy some Hanged Man wine from Reif Estate Winery in 2017! 🙂

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