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A Tarot Spread for the Goddess Brigid and Imbolc

Goddesses ImbolcMy path with the Goddess started with the Greek myths, and led me to Minoan Crete, my travels gave me the chance to connect with the Goddesses of Japan, Thailand, South America. My sister taught me about the Goddesses of India, and now my work with the Tarot has finally led me to the Celtic Goddesses, Brigid in particular. So I write this with the utmost respect, and with an understanding that there are many mysteries ahead to learn.

Brigid is the Goddess of arts and craft, healing, poetry, inspiration, divination, alchemy. She is a Goddess of fire and water, she is connected with the cauldron and the forge, she governs practical matters of work and home while inspiring us to creativity and creation.

February 2nd (or there about) marks Imbolc, a day sacred to Brigid, celebrating the first signs of Spring after the long, cold Winter. It is a fire festival, inspiring us to light a fire in our own hearts and bellies, to welcome back the warmth and light of the sun.

This is a challenging time of year. In Toronto, February can be the hardest month, and the general feeling is that its a good thing its the shortest. Usually there aren’t too many signs of Spring…warmth and green are a fondly remembered dream, and may not make their reappearance for two or three more months. This is a time when we rally together and have outdoor festivals of light and art, as we shiver in the cold we are determined to make the best of the chill and look with hope towards the return of Spring.

To deepen my connection with Brigid and to embrace and explore the energy of this time of year, I put together this Tarot spread. The theme is inspiration, healing and transformation, and the spread can be used personally, or for a group, or for the wider world:


Tarot Spread for Imbolc and Honoring the Goddess Brigid

Card #1 – What fire can we light going forward?

Cards #2, 3, & 4 – The Path of Healing

Card #5 & 6  – How that healing will transform us

Card #7– A message from Brigid

Card #8 – How can we thank Brigid?

The idea is that the cards progress and build on each other. First, the cards give us an idea of an opportunity to light a fire within ourselves. This may be something that you are already aware of, or it may inspire you if you’re feeling blocked, drained or unclear. The path of healing shows us an area of life that needs some attention, that if acknowledged and nurtured can lead to real transformation. Finally, we open ourselves to a message from the Goddess, and thank her for her presence and care.

On Imbolc, light some candles, turn on all the lights in your home, and turn to your cards for some inspiration and healing to carry you through to Spring.

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  1. Lynda Austin November 24, 2019 at 7:03 am #

    I have the Goddess deck. Love reading about them. So much I don’t know. Thank you for sharing your Tarot wisdom!lynda Austin

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