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Today’s Tarot Message: The Sun

Need quick (yet deep) insight into a particular Tarot card? Today’s Tarot Messages will give you a sense of the flavor and meaning of the card, plus a message that you can carry with you for your day. This is just a brief snapshot of the card, but it will give you valuable info and prompts for further study and contemplation. Something to add? Feel free to comment below!

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The Sun Tarot CardTHE SUN

Major Arcana: Number 19 (XIX)

Correspondences: Sun, fire

Keywords: Joy, freedom, rebirth, renewal, growth, life, success and achievement, acknowledgement, inner child, vitality, increased energy, news of a baby, happiness, putting yourself out into the world, confidence, green light, a big and happy YES.

Today’s Tarot Message: The Sun brings joy, confidence and energy. Enjoy it, radiate positivity today, shine your light and love on those around you. You may find yourself in the spotlight today, enjoying long overdue recognition. Take a moment to express gratitude for the beauty and magic in your life. A resounding YES.


Symbols in the card:

Sun: (see above.) Happiness, energy, radiating joy.

Child: rebirth, innocence, purity of intention

Sunflowers: growth, life, beauty, reaching higher than you thought you could

Horse: strength, support, discipline

Walled garden: home, protection, safety

Red feather and banner: energy, passion, vitality



Questions to ask yourself:

Do I allow my true self to shine through, out into the world?

What successes have I achieved recently? Were they acknowledged by others?

Am I approaching burn out in any areas of my life?

Do I regularly experience JOY in my life? If not, why not?

What can I say YES to in my life?

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