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The Major Arcana – to the point meanings and mystical messages

0 – The Fool:

New beginnings, pure potential, get ready to embark on a wonderful adventure. Now is the time to take that leap of faith, to start something new with optimism and faith in yourself. Travel light, no over-thinking, off you go! Be present in the moment and pay attention to the magic and possibility around you.


The Magician1 – The Magician:

Focus your will, now is the time to take that idea and make into something tangible and real. What are you waiting for? You have all the skills and experience that you need to achieve your goal, just get out there and do it! Act with clear intention and you will manifest what you desire. You can pull a rabbit out of a hat today, you are magic!


The High Priestess2 – The High Priestess:

Beautiful mysteries surround us, there is so much more beyond what we can see on the surface. The answers that you need are within your own heart and mind, be calm, be still, hear the message that your inner voice is sending to you. Your intuition is strong today, listen to it and trust it. On a practical note, keep your cards close to your chest today, you don’t need to reveal those mysteries that you discover within.


The Empress3 – The Empress:

You are power, beauty and love – know yourself, see yourself, be proud of who you are. Honour your compassionate and generous spirit, and also appreciate your physical body and all it does for you. Get out into lush nature, do something that makes you feel GOOD. This is not a day for self-denial. Let someone worship you.


The Emperor4 – The Emperor:

Structure and order are your best friends today. Be prepared to step into a leadership role, to bring order to a chaotic situation, whether this is an external one with work or family, or within your own inner world. This is a day for following and enforcing the rules, for thinking of the greater good rather than short-term reward. Be a responsible and honorable leader, and success and respect will be your reward.

5 – The Hierophant:

Are you the student or the teacher today? Perhaps both. Recognize the value of tradition and time-honoured wisdom in your life, while still listening to your own heart. Today you may find yourself in situations where conventional values and established rules are very important, where it is necessary to follow tradition and work within tight structures. Honor and respect the wisdom that is being offered to you, while creating your own traditions and personal rituals.

The Lovers

6 – The Lovers:

Recognize and value the power of love in your life, whether it’s romantic love, deep friendship, or the love you feel for your own dear self. Bodes well if you are in a relationship, it feels deep and mature. Also a good sign if you are currently seeking love, the real thing is out there. On a different note, if you need to make a choice or a decision today, be sure to stick to your own ethics and moral high ground, even if someone is urging you to take the low or easier road.

7 – The Chariot: 

You’ve learned a lot about yourself, your strengths and your limitations, and you’re feeling the urge to strike out on your own, to make your place in the wider world. This is your time, take the reins of your life and move forward strongly in the direction of your goals. Be clear about what you want, focus your willpower and use discipline to achieve it. Don’t lose sight of the end game…there is no doubt that you are about to start moving, make sure that you aren’t just spinning your wheels.

Strength8 – Strength:

You may have to tackle some lions along your path, but you have the inner strength, compassion and poise to overcome all challenges. You know you are strong, but you have even deeper and more formidable inner resources that you can draw upon when necessary. Aggression or an in-your-face attitude won’t serve you well in these times, act from a place of patience and empathy and you’ll be amazed at the results. You are beauty and grace and power, know it.

The Hermit9 – The Hermit:

It’s natural to feel introspective at pivotal times…today, you may feel the urge to withdraw, spend some time on your own, and reflect. If you are struggling to find the answer to an issue that’s been on your mind, look for it within. You may find yourself in the role of mentor or teacher today; share your own wisdom and experience to help others find their answers as well.


Wheel of Fortune10 – Wheel of Fortune:

Life is change, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down…if you’re down now, there’s nowhere to go but up. If you’re facing a challenge, look for the bigger picture and have faith that things will flow as they should. There is a feeling here of what goes around comes around, hard work you did in the past will start to pay off now. An opportunity could be coming your way today, don’t miss it, it’s a limited time offer. A feeling of good luck in the air.

Justice11 – Justice:

A weighty feeling of responsibility, of now starting to see the results of decisions that you made and actions that you took in the past, both good and bad. Be honest with yourself, assess your current situation and see if any adjustments need to be made on your path. If you need to make an important decision today, consider the pros and cons carefully and impartially before you make your move. Follow your moral compass, don’t be swayed. On a practical note, favorable outcome in legal matters.

12 – The Hanged Man:

Feeling hung up? Blocked? Don’t waste your energy trying to bulldoze ahead, there are forces at work that you just can’t fight today. Wait and see, look at things from a different perspective, and use this delay to think about any adjustments that need to be made. Be serene, go with the flow, surrender. Illumination will come in due time.


Death13 – Death:

Respect, but don’t fear this card…it brings transformation, new vitality and change. The process cuts you right to the bone, but once you’ve been able to shed what’s not working or needed, and understand what your real priorities are, you will feel a new level of freedom.


Temperance14 – Temperance:

Life can move fast, we are constantly bombarded with information and demands, it’s easy to get swept up in it all and lose our sense of equilibrium. Today, seek out your calm centre, act deliberately and with patience, find balance. Going to extremes in any area of your life won’t serve you well today. The creative and powerful solutions that you are looking for will be found in a place of calm rather than agitation. And, there is an angel looking out for you today…who is it?

The Devil15 – The Devil:

If you are in an unhealthy situation, now is the time to start getting yourself out of it. The Devil is persuasive, tempting…you may feel powerless to break free from a negative influence or position, but that is not the case. Get that monkey off your back and start moving in a more positive direction.


The Tower16 – The Tower:

Where in your life is the pressure building? Someone or something may be about ready to BLOW. Be alert for the unexpected, a situation may not be as solid as you think. The Tower often brings a time of turmoil, disruption, regular life turned upside down, egos toppled…but its very good at getting rid of what’s not working. Once the dust settles, it’s a good time to start building something real.


The Star17 – The Star:

A gentle healing energy, the calm after the storm. If you have been going through a difficult time, let the light of the Star rekindle a feeling of hope, faith and optimism. Open your heart and share your gifts generously. Be the star of your own life story, let your own true light shine. Release your fears and doubts, you are on the right track.


The Moon18 – The Moon:

A moody, mysterious, magnificent card…that moon has a message for you but it may be shadowy or blurred. Be open to whatever your subconscious has to say to you today, spend some time contemplating any dreams that you had last night that are still lingering. If you find yourself in a confusing situation, where you’re not quite sure what is real or what is true, trust your intuition, it won’t lead you astray.

The Sun19 – The Sun:

The Sun brings joy, confidence and energy. Enjoy it, radiate positivity today, shine your light and love on those around you. You may find yourself in the spotlight today, enjoying long overdue recognition. Beware of burn out, get some rest if you need it. Take a moment to express gratitude for the beauty and magic in your life. A resounding YES.


Judgement20 – Judgement:

Feeling listless? This is your wake up call. Judgement urges you to identify your true calling, to follow your passion! Also, this is a good day for some personal reflection. It’s time to let the past be past, and move forward with a feeling of lightness and rejuvenation. A major project or milestone will soon reach completion.


The World21 – The World:

Things are coming full circle, the many aspects of your life are coming together in beautiful harmony. You are nearing a time of transformation, as this cycle ends, another is about to begin. Pause, appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments, and get ready to move forward. Know yourself, use this knowledge to create a structure for yourself that provides support and security, and yet still allows you to dance freely within it.

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