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Once in a Blue Moon with Tarot

Full MoonThat magical moon…in the days up to a Full Moon I don’t sleep well. I DREAM. Vividly. The images are so clear, it’s like it’s happening in real life, or like watching a movie. This is both wonderful and terrible, depending on the subject matter of the dream.

Do you feel the pull of the moon?

On March 31, 2018, we are treated to not only a Full Moon, but another Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month, and we won’t see another one until 2020. So be sure to look up, and make the most of this powerful energy.

During a Full Moon what is hidden comes to light. We can experience some kind of illumination, we can see the bigger picture of where our lives are heading and what we hope to achieve.

The Full Moon is also a time when things in our lives come to fruition, come full circle, become a glorious gift that we can pluck from the sky and keep in our hearts.

And, the Full Moon gives us permission to release our wild side, to connect with our primal natures, to howl at the sky.

Here are some suggestions for absorbing that Full Moon energy:

  • Be open to signs and messages from strange places, your intuition will be trying to give you the information you need, let it
  • Think about what is coming to completion in your life, appreciate all you have created, enjoy the sweetness of success or the melancholy of an ending, and prepare your heart to move forward
  • Meditate on the Tarot Moon card, go into that mysterious landscape and walk the path you see there, where does it take you?
  • Charge your Tarot cards in the light of the Moon. If you can, stand in the light of the Moon and charge yourself as well.
  • Consult the Lunar Nomad Oracle – I am in love with this deck (see my review here)

The Blue Moon adds an extra flavor. It feels special, something rare.

So what will you do, once in a Blue Moon? Time is short. Don’t miss that limited time opportunity that has arisen in your life.

[bctt tweet=”So what will you do, once in a Blue Moon? Time is short. Don’t miss that limited time opportunity that has arisen in your life.” username=”InnerTarot”]

Under the light of the Blue Moon, ask your Tarot cards, What do I have the opportunity to do right now? What might I gain if I do it? What might I miss if I don’t do it? 

Once in a Blue Moon Tarot Spread

Try this spread under the light of the Full Blue Moon, and see what is revealed.

Does that first card look like something that has been on your mind, something you have been longing to do and now the time is right? Or, are you surprised at what you see? Does it awaken a desire that you thought was long gone? Does it inspire you to something new?

Let your intuition, and the cards, illuminate and reveal this once in a Blue Moon opportunity, and open yourself up to the possibilities. Will you take the chance that is being offered?

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