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Monday Motivation: Ace of Swords

I’m an airy Gemini. I spend a lot of time in my own head. My imagination flies towards scenarios of possible triumph or disaster at lightning speed. I’ve gotten into a habit of running through a dizzying array of options before making a decision, which is exhilarating and also exhausting. I’m aware of this, and also aware that this busy mind approach is not serving me well.

[bctt tweet=”The time has come to make friends with my thoughts, to have them work for me, not against me. I’m bringing in a new resolve, a clearer purpose, a sharper way of thinking.” username=”InnerTarot”]

And today, to reinforce this new way of thinking, the Ace of Swords appeared.

Here’s what I posted for my Today’s Tarot Message on Facebook:

“Today is the start of a new, clearer understanding about a situation that has been puzzling you. Use your intellect and logic to cut through confusion and find the truth. This is also a day where being honest with others and honest with yourself is very important. You may have to speak up to right an injustice today, stick to your personal code of ethics. It may be necessary to cut some ties with the past if they are only holding you back.”

The Ace of Swords is the gift of a brilliant idea, a clear solution, a new way of thinking.

This card has an atmosphere of courage, resolve, it is an iron spine, unwavering in its conviction. In the traditional RWS deck, there are only three cards that have this upright sword: the Ace of Swords, the Queen of Swords, and Justice. One of the themes that runs through all of those cards is the time for nonsense is over, get to the point.

[bctt tweet=”The Ace of Swords is an invitation to speak your truth, get to the point, and trust in the power of your own convictions.” username=”InnerTarot”]

Being the suit of Swords, we are in the world of the mind, communication, logic, truth and cutting honesty. The hand on the card grips that Sword tightly, it fits there well. The crown and the laurels suggest that the path to victory and success is in our grasp, as long as we continue to act with purpose, integrity and conviction.

Being an Ace, we have a new start here, pure potential that needs to be nurtured if it is going to get anywhere beyond that initial idea.

So what might the Ace of Swords represent in regards to a specific topic?

Ace of Swords in Love: Time for honesty. Be honest with yourself about what you need in a partner, cut any ties to the past that may be holding you back. Focus your attention on either finding that partner, or on your current relationship. Say what needs to be said, put your cards on the table, clear the air with your loved one. Can also represent a person who is honest and true, but perhaps not so romantic.

Ace of Swords in Career: An opportunity for new success is in your grasp. A new job or career direction that stretches you, stimulates your intellect, challenges your beliefs and assumptions. A time when you are filled with great ideas, and can find clever solutions to difficult situations. Act with integrity during your pursuit of success, don’t get pulled into intrigue and gossip.

Ace of Swords in Well-being and personal growth: Cut out any thoughts or behaviors that are sabotaging your peace of mind, your health, your general well-being. Stop kidding yourself, stop looking for magical quick fixes, do what needs to be done. On a very literal level, Swords may indicate some kind of surgery.

When the Ace of Swords appears, you are being called to greatness. May you accept the quest that is offered to you, and be inspired to new levels of clarity, focus and purpose. Get to the point!

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