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Tarot Card I THINK I am, Tarot Card I ACTUALLY am

Last Friday, just for fun, I posted this in my Toronto Tarot Circle Facebook group:

I loved the responses I got.

Some were very confident, and the card they think they are and actually are were one and the same.

Some were introspective, expressing a deep self awareness and also a sense of humor.

My intention with this post was a bit of lightness on a Friday afternoon, but also to provide a prompt that would get everyone looking at their cards, actively engaging with them, and checking in with their own hearts and minds just in this moment.

What surprised and delighted me is that some of the group members went in a totally different direction, and ASKED the cards what card they were. So, they didn’t actively choose the cards, they shuffled and let the universe show them, to reflect their own selves back at them.

I love that they did that.

The insights that came out were profound and insightful, for me at least, with both methods.

Here’s a brief example, with my cards.

Top row of cards:  Centennial Smith Waite Tarot. Bottom row of cards: Albano-Waite Tarot

The cards I actively chose:

  • Tarot card I think I am: Page of Swords. A perpetual student, still and always learning. Determined but sometimes daunted. A thinker but aware of how much I don’t know. Full of ideas but sometimes have trouble seeing them through to completion. A kid rather than a Queen.
  • Action step: Stop doubting yourself. Do those e-courses you bought for fun and to stimulate your brain in a different way. Clear out the cobwebs and get excited.
  • Tarot card I actually am: The High Priestess. This is my Tarot Birth card, this is me as a Tarot reader, as a spiritual person, as a Goddess devotee. This is me at my best, at my heart, but not always in the day to day.
  • Action step: Learn to own it, to feel it, you’re not a kid, sister. You’re a Priestess.

The cards that came up “randomly”:

  • Tarot card I think I am: Judgement. Interesting because this is also one of my birth cards, my Personality card (see Mary K. Greer’s wonderful Who are You in the Tarot for more on this). I am following my calling, my higher purpose, seeking messages from the Divine. And, on the other side of things, I can be a bit judgemental, certainly with myself. Perhaps some self-importance here too, or neglect of the day to day practical things.
  • Action step: Follow your calling with all of your heart, open up to it. Stop harshly judging yourself.
  • Tarot card I actually am: The Moon. I would have loved to see the High Priestess here again, but I also love that Moon. I am in the world of intuition and exploration of the inner worlds, but I can’t always see what lies ahead in complete clarity. And that’s ok.
  • Action step: Sink into that Moon, embrace the unknown. Pay attention to the messages in your dreams.

I invite you to give this a try. First, choose those cards actively. Then, do it again, shuffling and leaving it up to the universe.

Were any of your cards the same? Energetically similar?

What did they tell you about how you see yourself and how you really are at the heart of you?

Did they suggest or challenge you to take any kind of action?

Feel free to post them in the comments if you’d like my input.

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