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How do online or remote Tarot readings work?

I have been doing online Tarot readings for years, pretty much right from the time I went pro.

I even worked for an online Psychic hotline kind of thing for about a year (I won’t go into details but I wouldn’t recommend it).

Now, because of the pandemic, I am exclusively doing remote readings. I see clients via Zoom or Skype, I do readings by email, and also recorded/audio.

It all works. It works really well.

I’ve had people ask me how that can be the case, how can you do a reading for someone who isn’t in the room with you.

That always makes me smile.

People can believe in the magic and power of Tarot cards, they can believe that these beautiful pieces of paper have the ability to tell your past, present and future and advise you on important life matters, but they become a bit dubious when I say we don’t have to be in the same space together to do it.

I believe that when we read Tarot, we are connecting energetically. My spirit self connects with yours, and we do the work of reading the cards together. We are also connecting with a greater source of energy, the divine energy that flows through everyone and everything in this universe.

That energy is everywhere, and goes beyond the boundaries of physical space.

I am sure that you have felt that. Even when you’re not in the same room as a loved one, you can feel their energy. Perhaps you think about them, send them some love and good thoughts, and you just know they have received them. Maybe they even give you a call or a message in return.

We can focus and direct our energy, we can send our intention anywhere, we can meet energetically when logistics don’t allow the face-to-face.

I prepare for an online reading in the same way that I do an in person one.

Before I see my client, I ask them to send me some information by email. I ask why they are booking this reading, what they hope to discover, any goals they are aspiring to or challenges they are facing. I also ask for their date of birth, so I can take a look at their Tarot Soul Card and Year card. I do all this so I can start to prepare and we can make the absolute most of our time together.

I clear my space (in this case my golden home office), and then clear my own mind and center myself. I set up a sacred space for the reading, including lighting a candle and selecting some crystals. I have a personal ritual and invocation that I use to invite in the elements and my own Tarot guide, and to honor the Goddess. Then, I give myself some time to meditate on the person I am about to read for, to connect with their energy, to gather in any initial insights or inklings before we meet.

I really like doing video readings, so that we can see each other and I can show you your cards. But if my client prefers to be off camera, that’s all fine with me.

When it comes to choosing the cards, I invite my client to take a couple of nice deep breaths, to relax and be present. I then shuffle the cards and ask them to tell me when I should stop. Sometimes I cut the cards into three piles, and ask them to choose which one I should read from.

As for Tarot spreads, when I’m reading for a client online, I usually create the spread right then and there, based on their question or situation.

With email or audio readings, I follow the same process. As there is no direct interaction with the other person in this case, the reading is much more stream of consciousness or channelled rather than a conversation. I also tend to use a more structured Tarot spread as well, either an old favorite or one that I designed for the season/occasion or the client’s situation.

On a technical note, I usually show the person I am reading for their cards, just holding them up to the camera as I speak. Or if technology cooperates, I can position a camera above them, but I prefer the old school method so that we can see each other as well as the cards. You could also take a photo of the full Tarot spread and email it to your querent afterwards.

If you are considering doing online readings for your friends or clients, especially in light of our current situation, I suggest you give these steps a try. Don’t overthink it, approach the reading as you would if that person was sitting right across from you.

If you’re looking for a Tarot reading right now, give a remote reading a try. You can have your cards read while you’re in your pajamas, or in your coziest spot at home or outside, at your own time and in your own comfortable space. Magic is everywhere, you can connect with it anywhere, you are an energetic being that isn’t limited by logistics.

Looking for inspiration and clarity? Book a remote reading with me, let’s connect and see what the cards have to say. Here is my live schedule, here are my email/recorded readings.



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