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Open your all seeing eye with the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

Welcome to the Unifying Consciousness Tarot. We greet you with a salutation of LOVE.


The Unifying Consciousness Tarot is a co-creation between a spiritual artist and a practical mystic. Leo Scopacasa is the founder of Orbital Arts Gallery, and I’m Lori Lytle, also known as Inner Goddess Tarot.

This deck is a dream come true for me. I discovered Leo’s work at Orbital Arts when Tarot was my secret passion, more than 20 years ago. Over the years, as my Tarot practice deepened and grew, I began seeing Tarot’s big archetypes winking at me from Leo’s artwork. I knew that if we worked together, we could create a Tarot deck that would resonate on a soul level.

Leo’s channelled artwork has the power to activate the soul of the viewer in a passive way, through achieving resonance with the inherent vibration of love. He calls his work Activation Art.

As a reader and lover of Tarot, my intention was to incorporate and translate this energy into the form and structure of a Tarot deck, so that spiritual seekers can also use it actively as a tool for wisdom, empowerment, and transformation.

The result is a Tarot deck that begins its healing work from the moment that it’s held. It is also a practical, solid Tarot deck that will give you insight into life’s big and small questions.

The Unifying Consciousness Tarot was designed to help you access universal consciousness and the Source of infinite wisdom, compassion and love that we all share. It will not only open your All-Seeing eye, and unlock your heart- but your soul memory, that part of your Eternal Self that that remembers everything, and is capable of recognizing the Way forward.

You’re about to meet a cosmic crew of otherworldly and divine beings, animals, humans, and freeform entities, all living in a universe based on the Waite-Smith Tarot structure. All of the cards are fully illustrated, and the deck is suitable for Tarot beginners, as well as seasoned readers. There are 79 cards in total, including Minor Arcana that are familiar and also surprising, and intriguing versions of the traditional Major Arcana. And,  we can’t wait for you to meet our own new Arcana 22, called Activation.

About the Unifying Consciousness Tarot:

· There are 79 cards in total. 56 Minor Arcana and Court Cards, the traditional Major Arcana from 0 to 21, and we can’t wait for you to meet our own Arcana 22, Activation.

· The cards follow the familiar Waite-Smith structure, while incorporating surprising and intriguing new forms.

· All of the cards are fully illustrated, and the deck is suitable for Tarot beginners, as well as seasoned readers.

· To create his artwork Leo uses a combination of mixed media including paint, collage, photography, digital manipulation, and three dimensional assemblage.

· All of the cards have sacred geometry woven through their images and backgrounds to remind us that we’re all part of the same Source energy and to act as focal points for meditation.

· The Major Arcana include a Blessing, which acts as an affirmation and support for the seeker.

· The Minor Arcana include an Activation, which acts as prompt to beneficial action and inspires growth.

· The four suits of the Minor Arcana are linked with the four elements: Wands/Fire; Cups/Water; Pentacles/Earth; and Swords/Air.

· We’ve renamed the Court Cards in an effort to equalize gender and hierarchy and express more of the core vibration of each of these familiar roles. Pages have become Soul; Knights are Spirit; Queens are Heart; and Kings are Mind.

· The card backs have no orientation, so they don’t reveal if the card is upright or reversed.

· The artwork and the guidebook are completed and ready to be printed.

· The images and cardstock that you see here are just a PROTOTYPE. Please see the TECHNICAL DETAILS section to find out about the high quality final version. Some of the images may be slightly color corrected before printing.


In the Unifying Consciousness Tarot, the Major Arcana are connected with the element of Aether, which is represented by the Dodecahedron, the 12-sided Platonic solid. It’s the fifth element, the quintessence, Spirit, and the shape of the universe as a whole.

The descriptions in the guidebook for each card in the Major Arcana will allow you to immerse yourself in the card’s energy, symbolism and story. The meanings will help you interpret the cards as they appear in a full reading or daily single-card draws. Each Major also offers a blessing that you can use for meditation, journaling or support and inspiration: carry it in your heart.

The Minor Arcana cards are numbered from Ace to Ten, and have four Court cards. They are divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each of these suits represents an aspect of the human experience, and they have their own personality and characteristics. To help you relate to and understand these suits, they’re linked to one of the four basic elements, fire, water, air and earth.

Fire is passion and spirit, water is emotion and love, air is the mind and our thoughts, and earth is our body and material comforts.

You’ll notice that each suit of the UCT’s Minors also includes a 3D shape that’s floating somewhere in the card’s scene. These shapes are Plato’s Solids. Each solid relates to one of the four elements, and they’re thought to be the harmonious and symmetrical building blocks of our reality. Their presence lets you know that there’s always potential to transform a situation to an outcome that allows for positive transformation for you or the person you’re reading for.

Wands are represented by the tetrahedron; Cups by the icosahedron; Pentacles by the hexahedron or cube; and Swords by the octahedron. These shapes act as a focal point for meditation.

In addition to the card meanings in the guidebook, each Minor Arcana card offers an Activation. This is an invitation to connect with the card’s unique energy, and to act on the information and inspiration that it offers you. You can use that phrase as a mantra or affirmation throughout your day, in your meditation practice, or as a prompt for journaling.

The suit of Wands in the UCT is infused with the transformational power of the Violet Flame, a high frequency violet light. Meditating on the Violet Flame raises your vibration, clears out negativity, and facilitates spiritual healing.
A cup is a vessel that holds space and receives. You can transform your consciousness the same way that water will take on the shape of its vessel. The UCT’s cups are made of solid gold because it is a precious metal, and a symbol of spiritual perfection.
The Cross-Guard on the hilt of the UCT’s swords is an all-seeing eye that cultivates clarity of mind.
A Pentacle is often represented as a shiny, gold coin. In the UCT that coin is inscribed with the Flower of Life, a design that reminds you of the interconnectedness of all that lives and grows, and of the sacred pattern to which we all belong.

In the UCT, we’ve changed the names of the Court Cards. Our intention is to express the card’s meaning and essence without that layer of gender or hierarchy. Each character in the Court Cards has its unique, necessary, and beautiful function.

Pages are SOUL, the pure essence of the suit/element without experience or ego

Knights are SPIRIT, that which drives us to action

Queens are HEART, the source that nurtures and creates

Kings are MIND, the thinkers, planners, and those who remember


You will receive the 156-page (24,000 word) guidebook as a printed copy in the box with your deck, and also as an eBook that you can read on your favorite device. The book includes interpretations of each of the cards, plus Tarot spreads that were designed specifically for the UCT. If you’re a Tarot newbie, you can rely on the “How To Read Tarot” section to give you all you need to know to start to read the cards with confidence.

Unique to the UCT, the Major Arcana interpretations include a Blessing, which acts as an affirmation and support for the seeker. And, the Minor Arcana include an Activation, which acts as prompt to beneficial action and inspires growth.

BONUS: Online/recorded workshop for all deck purchasers

As a bonus to all backers, Lori is offering three Zoom/online classes, designed to help you get to know the UCT and to help you to discover how you will work with it. Class dates will be announced at the end of the successful campaign and videos will be available after the completion of the course.


Technical Details About the final version of the Unifying Consciousness Tarot that you will receive (the images here are from the prototype/test print only):

· Based on the Waite-Smith tradition

· 79 full-colour and fully illustrated standard Tarot-sized cards (2.75” X 4.75” or 70x120mm), printed on high quality 350 GSM art cardstock with a satin finish

· Borderless imagery with rounded corners

· Blue matte foil edges

· Card backs are fully reversible

· Durable and beautiful book-shape box with magnet closure and foil details

· An in-depth guidebook to enhance your practice, whether you are a beginner or a pro. You will receive a printed copy (with section sewn binding) of the 156-page (24000 word) book that fits in the box with the deck, as well as an eBook version.



The artwork and guidebook are completed. So, as soon as the crowdfunding successfully concludes, I will be able to send the funds, artwork and text to the printer.

Once I send the files to the printer, the production and delivery time is approximately three to four months. If nothing unforeseen occurs, I should receive the decks in Spring 2023. I will start shipping out the decks as soon as I receive them.

I will ship out orders through Backerkit (please see the details in the Shipping section). I will be doing all the shipping myself, while calling on friends and family for help, but I will keep things running as swiftly as possible. I will update you regularly on the status of production and shipping.

Notes on Shipping:

We will be collecting shipping after the campaign is complete using BackerKit. We believe this is the best way to make sure we can get adequate funding for shipping without overestimating the shipping cost for our backers.

International backers will be responsible for any customs fees. All rewards will be marked as merchandise.

Estimated shipping costs:. Please keep in mind that shipping costs are quite volatile these days, and are subject to change and the ups and downs of the economy:

Here are the estimates at this time for a single deck (larger shipments may cost extra):

  • Canada:      $20 – 25CAD
  • US:      $20- 30CAD
  • International:      $30 – 50CAD

NOTE: Limited pick up options will be available in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) at Orbital Arts Gallery, and in the Niagara (Ontario, Canada) region free of charge.

About the creators of the Unifying Consciousness Tarot:

Leo is an artist. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art with a major in Illustration and a minor in Design. He went on to do editorial illustration for 6 years for various publications in Canada, the USA and Japan. He opened Orbital Arts in Toronto as his studio and gallery in 1997, with a mission to create art that helps awaken us to the understanding that we’re all connected, and that Universal Spiritual Love is our true nature. His spiritual artwork can now be found all over the world. Leo says that he channels universal love through his art as a gift from his heart, and that this vibration of love is embedded in every one of his creations. He believes that everyone can access this energy simply by viewing his art. Leo refers to his work as Activation Art.

I’m a Tarot reader and a teacher. I’ve been carrying around a deck of cards since I was 13 years old. After many years of keeping my passion and skills to myself, I quit a joyless office job to pursue this path professionally. I’m an introvert, empath, big nerd, solitary witch, High Priestess, Gemini, overthinker and a devotee of cats and cards. My approach to the Tarot is both mystical and practical. I see the Tarot as a source of inspiration, a means of connection with the divine, as well as a tool that we can use every day to make our lives happier in the here and now.

The Unifying Consciousness Tarot was born from the combination of our respective arts, perspectives, philosophies and spiritual experiences. Although our approaches were different, they blended in a kind of artistic alchemy to create our heart of gold, the Unifying Consciousness Tarot.

Note from Lori Lytle:

We rooted The Unifying Consciousness Tarot in the belief that we’re all one, and we’re eternal. We come from and return to the same Source energy, and that Source is LOVE.

This luminous and inspiration-sparking deck is the result of a journey of soul-searching, divine inspiration and multiple leaps of faith, and we are so excited to put it out into the world and into your hands. We hope that when you work with the UCT you’ll experience the same healing and transformation that we experienced as we created it.

Thank you so much for supporting us and joining us in this journey. The UCT is a source of illumination, harmony and love for all who work with it, and I am just over the moon to share it with you and put that Unifying Consciousness of LOVE out into the Universe.


Risks and challenges

This is my first Kickstarter Campaign, and I’ve been doing much research and due diligence but I am also enjoying a steep learning curve. However, the deck and book are completed and ready to go to print, and I am working with a reliable and highly recommended printer, so I don’t anticipate any severe roadblocks. My main concern is the volatility of shipping, both costs and timing, and of currency exchange rates, which I cannot control. I will be sure to provide you with regular updates on the printing and shipping status.


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