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Learning Tarot: Using Different Decks to get to Know Your Cards

I have a shamefully, or should I say, shamelessly, abundant collection of Tarot card decks. I have bought old classics, new releases, rare and out of print, and there are still so many that I would like to bring into my life. I plan to create my own someday! Even so, I usually only READ Tarot for my clients using the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck.

The Irresistible Urge to Collect!

If you feel the irresistible urge of the collector, Tarot is a rich area to dive into. There is such a vast array of decks available, they are wonderful to have around just as works of art, miniature art galleries that you can carry around with you. Also, on a more practical level for someone who is learning Tarot, having a variety of decks can be useful in helping you to get to know the meaning of the cards and to interact more deeply with cards that you may find troublesome or hard to relate to.

Using Different Decks to Get to Know Your Cards

Please take a look at my video that talks about using a variety of depictions of the same card (in this case, Justice) in order to gain insight into the feeling, meaning, and character of the particular card.

If you haven’t started your own deck collection, take a look at Aeclectic Tarot. This comprehensive site has examples of more than 1500 Tarot decks, images and reviews, to help with your Tarot studies and with choosing your next deck, enjoy!

Do you have a collection of decks? Do you read with all of them? What’s your go-to deck?


The Justice card from the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Deck


Live and Learn the Tarot course
If you want a system for learning Tarot and reading card combinations quickly and intuitively, I highly recommend Linda Marson’s Live and Learn the Tarot course. In eight weeks Linda shows you how to read the cards in ways that provide meaningful and empowering answers to questions. Linda Marson is a professional Tarot reader, teacher and former President of the Tarot Guild of Australia. Click here to visit her page on the Global Spiritual Studies website where you’ll find more information about living and learning the Tarot.

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