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Spring Cleaning with Tarot

Since I’ve been working mainly from home, I’ve become hyper-aware of my environment.

It is now my universe, my haven, my office, my nest, my cubicle, my cave…most often my sanctuary, sometimes a claustrophobia and stir-craziness inducing place.

For the past few weeks I have been spring cleaning and purging. And the fact that its been taking weeks should give you an idea of how badly I need to do this.  As I write this, I look around my little office and see how much more I need to do. I’m at the point of organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

I love my stuff. I like shiny things, souvenirs, symbolic representations of real things I love, rich textures and images that evoke memories of the exotic and feelings of love and happy memories.


I love beautiful things, things with meaning…a scene in my office.

But, over the past few years, the clutter has taken over…when my husband and I moved to Japan, we threw everything into storage. When we moved back to Toronto, we put those same boxes into our new basement. And added a bunch of new boxes filled with memories from Asia. And there those boxes sat, and sat, and sat. Eventually we went through everything, amazed that it felt important at the time to keep certain things…clothes that we would never wear again, ticket stubs from everywhere we visited in our travels, old birthday and bridal shower cards, quite a startling collection of wine and cocktail glasses, and flowing rivers of paper.

When you keep things for a long time, they take on a significance.

Even if the item isn’t so important, the fact that it has been in your life for so long gives it a certain weight, it makes us feel a connection to our past selves. This can be good or bad…an item can make us remember a beautiful time from the past, or can bring up feelings of disappointment, hurt or guilt. Either way, we tend to keep the item…even if the feelings it raises are upsetting, we feel a connection and can’t let go.

I’m at the point now where I just don’t have the time, space or energy to harbor THINGS that don’t serve me well.

I am going through the process of getting rid, getting light, paring down. If I LOVE it, if I absolutely need it, if it enriches my life, it stays. If not, say hello to the charity shop.

Being a Tarot person, I came up with a way to help me when I come across an item that is really giving me trouble. Usually I think about consulting the cards when I am having trouble getting rid of something, even though I know I will feel lighter and freer if I do. This little spread can help you to examine your relationship with your stuff, and gain some insight into what is really going on there…why a particular item has a hold over you, really, and what can you do about it.

The “Why am I hanging on to this?” Spread

Why am I hanging on to this-

I don’t recommend that you use this spread for everything in your closet or basement that you are thinking about purging, that would take forever and be a bit ridiculous. But, if there is something that you have been keeping in a box for years, and in some way it bothers you that you still have it, why not consult the cards?

This process may be just what you need to break free of old, unexamined feelings that have attached themselves to material things…by getting rid of the item, you may free yourself from emotions that you no longer need.

Give this spread a try and let me know how it works for you! And let me know if you need help getting rid of stuff, I’m getting to be an unstoppable expert!

Need some help de-cluttering? Book a reading with me, together we’ll get to the heart of what’s really important…

(Revised and updated from May 2016)

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