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Had enough of 2020? Create Your Plan for 2021 with Tarot

At the end of 2019 I bought myself two beautiful 2020 planners. This is an annual ritual, I love choosing those books, imagining how I will fill them, all the plans I will make and adventures I’ll have.

Now those 2020 planners are a bit dusty, thrown aside in a pile of papers that I haven’t been able to bring myself to file or get rid of. When I look at them, I have to laugh. I made some pretty good plans, and things went according to plan until the beginning of March 2020, and then all bets were off. My more melodramatic or superstitious side calls HUBRIS. There I was, making all those plans, while Fate and the Gods had other plans for us.

And now here we are at the end of October and I’m feeling the urge, a strong urgency in fact, to get planning for 2021. I will make my offerings to the Higher Powers, humbly ask for their kindness and support, and declare my willingness to take action towards and work for what I want to achieve. And then, I’ll take a breath, rev up my imagination, and I’ll start planning.

When it comes to planning my year with Tarot, there are a couple of approaches that bring powerful results. Here are some techniques I use for myself, and for my clients.

First, spend some time with your Tarot birth cards/soul cards. This card (or cards) reminds us of who we are at our core, what we are here to do in this lifetime, what motivates us, and what challenges us. Your birth/soul card gives you insights into your life purpose, and how you can live in better alignment with it.

Next, calculate your Tarot Year card for 2021. Your Year Card gives you an idea of the energy and atmosphere in the year ahead, challenges and opportunities, and how to best navigate everything that comes your way. Be sure to reflect on how your Soul Card compliments or contrasts your Year Card, look for any possible difficulties or advantages that may arise in this combination.

Finally, dive in and do some Tarot spreads to help you plan for the year ahead. There are two kinds of Tarot spreads that I use because they provide different information, perspectives and compliment each other.

In the first spread, I consult the cards to divine what I need to remember, learn and keep from the year that is coming to a close. I also take a look at what I can let go and move away from. Next, I ask some general questions about the theme of the year ahead, the energy and opportunities that I will have at my disposal. Then, I get specific and tailor the spread to my own (or my client’s) situation, asking for information, guidance and practical action steps that will move me (or them) towards particular goals, dreams and desires.

The other approach involves drawing a card for each month of the year ahead, simply asking what it would be beneficial to know or see so that I (or my client) have the tools I need to make the most of each and every month.

I like to get both the universal and the day to day practical perspective from the cards, particularly when I’m consulting them for support in planning and decision making. The bigger picture questions inspire us, remind us of what we are capable of, and give us permission to open up to epic possibilities. The more focussed and specific questions tell us how we can actually achieve those goals and dreams.

This has been a strange year, it has caused anxiety, sadness and hardship for most of us, in many different ways. It has also put in stark relief what is really important to us, and sparked immense gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. It is difficult to look to the future and make plans in the midst of all of this uncertainty, but that may be just what we need to do most right now.

Look to the future with optimism and excitement. Know that things are going to change for the better. Dream about what you want to achieve, create a plan that will take you there. Leave enough flexibility to adjust as necessary, and trust in yourself that you can navigate anything that comes your way. Give yourself something to look forward to, and you will get there.

Book Your Tarot Consultation with me now for November or December. Let’s create your plan for a beautiful 2021! Readings available live on Zoom, or by email and audio recording.

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