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Choose a journal or medium that works for you

Learning Tarot: Embrace the Tarot Journal

Have you ever been surprised to read something that you yourself have written? Sometimes I look back at stories or posts or email Tarot readings that I have written a while back, and I can’t believe that I actually wrote that, it feels like reading someone else’s words. It usually happens when I’ve been writing […]

I have a fondness for the RWS Tarot, can you tell?

Learning Tarot: Choosing and Caring for Your Deck

I have recently started to teach Tarot classes in Toronto (my hometown). It’s funny, kind of encouraging, and mystifying, when all of the different parts of your life somehow manage to come together. When I lived in Japan, I taught English, strictly as a means to live and travel in Asia, this was in no way my […]

Take that chance, put yourself out there!

Learning Tarot: The Power of the Group

I am not naturally a group kind of person. Not to say that I’m antisocial, but I am an introvert, and I don’t naturally thrive in large group situations like seminars or conferences. I don’t always want to share my feelings, reveal my innermost thoughts, or go around the room in a circle and introduce […]

The Fool card from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck

Embrace your Inner (Tarot) Fool

I often feel like a fool, foolish, not fooling anybody, just fooling around…I tell myself to smarten up, get serious, grow up, but honestly, it never seems to stick. So, in honor of April Fools’ Day, let’s talk about how I came to embrace my inner fool, and why you will want to do the […]