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Benten Kutsu Cave

Do your best! Ganbatte!

“When I was living in Japan…” – this is a phrase that brings the most profound glassy look to my friends’ eyes, causes polite yawns, or provokes the hilarious reply, “Oh wait a minute! Did you live in JAPAN? I didn’t know that! Really?”. I totally understand this reaction, and accept the teasing as 100% […]


Goddesses in Tarot: Athena

When I was a university student, I went to Greece every summer to dig at archaeological sites. To the romantic at heart, like me, this sounds very glamorous and exciting, but in reality it involved many hours in the hot sun, working away with pickaxes and trowels, covered in dust and dirt, clinging to the […]


The Elora Tarot Deck Opening Reception at the Gladstone

On Saturday night I went to the opening reception for the “Pieces from the Elora Tarot Deck” exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and luxuriated in an atmosphere of warmth and community, surrounded by artists and lovers of Tarot. The gallery was happily noisy and full, with over-heated guests admiring the artwork while dancing […]