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Zombies, vampires and the magic of the holiday season

This December has been even colder and snowier than usual, so I’ve been fighting a constant desire to stay home and to only venture out into the world when completely unavoidable. As a result, in the bone shatteringly frigid evenings I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch by the light of the […]


Devilish Hallowe’en

I love Hallowe’en. I dress up every Hallowe’en, if I’m going to a party, or just staying at home to hand out candy and scare trick or treaters. I always go for the archetypal Hallowe’en costumes: vampire, devil, ghost, witch. I’ve stretched it to include some of my favourite goddesses and demigoddesses, and I have […]

snake goddess statue and candle

The Snake Goddess and Tarot

The Minoan Snake Goddess has loomed large in my imagination for many years. She is pure feminine power, fierce, unapologetic. Dating from approximately 1600 BCE, and found on the island of Crete, this mysterious figure inspires visions of an advanced, peaceful society of goddess worshipers, governed by wise women, living in harmony with nature. Of […]