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Open your all seeing eye with the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

Welcome to the Unifying Consciousness Tarot. We greet you with a salutation of LOVE. SUPPORT US ON KICKSTARTER TODAY! CAMPAIGN ENDS DEC 8, 2022 The Unifying Consciousness Tarot is a co-creation between a spiritual artist and a practical mystic. Leo Scopacasa is the founder of Orbital Arts Gallery, and I’m Lori Lytle, also known as […]


Intro to Tarot: The Chariot and Strength

Over the past few months I’ve been introducing you to the world of the Tarot. We’re starting with the Major Arcana cards, the heart of the Tarot deck, the universal archetypes that resonate with us human beings at the soul level. Last time we explored an unlikely pairing, the traditional Hierophant and the passionate Lovers. […]


Intro to Tarot: The Hierophant & The Lovers

Over the past months I’ve been introducing you to the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the cards that are the heart and soul of the deck. Last time you met a powerful duo, The Empress and The Emperor, and now we’ll move onto a rather unlikely pairing, The Hierophant and The Lovers. Just in case […]

Tarot Tips for introverts blog

Tarot Tips for Introverts

I’m an introvert. I’m also a Tarot reader, a long-time vegetarian, and a huge fan of heartwarming triumph of the underdog sports movies, but that introvert aspect of me is fundamental to who I am at my core and has strongly influenced my life choices. Are you an introvert, too? I love being an introvert, […]